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Before the Toast and Tea "Methods of the Mad" LP (BLR-006)

Image of Before the Toast and Tea "Methods of the Mad" LP (BLR-006)


Before the Toast and Tea is the musical incarnation of Ben Brodin. Ben has paid his dues as a dedicated multi-instrumentalist and performer. As a member of Mal Madrigal, Ben has been vibraphonist, drummer, guitarist, bassist, and keyboardist in the band’s various incarnations. Ben has also contributed his talent to many other Omaha notables such as Orenda Fink, Our Fox, Jake Bellows, McCarthy Trenching, the Mynabirds, Stefanie Drootin, and can be heard on a number of ARC studio sessions.

Finally, after years of prodding, begging, and listening, Bocca Lupo has convinced Ben to release “Methods of the Mad”. Hardly a debut if you have been lucky enough to hear Ben’s unreleased catalog, “Methods” is a refined, mature, and compelling tale of misfits and cynics, travelers and observers. Effortlessly weaving jazz and folk underpinnings with melodic sensibility, the instrumentation is lush but purposeful, predominantly performed by Brodin himself. Lyrically, Brodin has the unique ability to guide his listener through dark and disquieting subjects such as death (“Dead Man’s Face”), disaster (“Like and Echo”), and disillusionment (“A Friend of Mine”, “The One’s that We Love”). Hardly downtrodden, Brodin’s stories unfold with a sense humor and the lyrical chops to yield an approachable and affecting listen. “Methods of the Mad” plays as thirty-four minute brew of Americana, culled from a delicate mash of scenes and sounds, distilled strong, meant to be sipped.

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