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Kevin Pike / John Kotchian "pulse/flow" LP (BLR-008)

Image of Kevin Pike / John Kotchian "pulse/flow" LP (BLR-008)


Hand Screened and Stamped on Chipboard Covers!

"Pulse/Flow" is an inspired, and at times impromptu, musical conversation between Pike and Kotchian, The albums third track, “Birth of a Movement” serves as the perfect metaphor for the course charted by the album. A slow triumph of a song, the melodic interplay of Kotchian’s drums coax forth a gentle, at first bashful, saxophone. As the two instruments become more acquainted, a “birth” is made manifest in the rush of life and energy pounded forth in the pulse of drums and reed. “pulse/flow” comes numbered in hand silkscreened jackets, featuring original art by New York painter and illustrator Lui Shtini.